About Us

Advisorly's in-house partners offer one stop convenience ranging from licensed nurses, funeral directors, lawyers, tax specialists, counsellors and claim professionals who have 150 years of combined experience in the service industry. Our professionals provide service 24/7/365 in English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Tagalog, Mandarin & Cantonese.

As working professionals, we know navigating health care decisions, end-of-life choices, legal matters, and financial difficulties do not occur in a compartmentalized, orderly fashion. The reality is disproportionately more chaotic; these life events overlap simultaneously leaving employees and their families stressed and confused with no financial support. We believe employees, their families, HR representatives, and agents deserve a program that will enhance group benefits and provide real solutions.

Meet our amazing team below!


Our Team

Founder & CEO
Jeremy May
Funeral Director & Manager
Denise Lundstrom
Director of Claims
Lisa Banico
Community Relations & Benefits Program Manager
Kelly Tobar