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Privacy & Cookies

Last Modified May 2023

Advisory is referred to as “we,” “our,” or “us” in this document. We will refer to the employee/member/participant as “you” or “your” in this document. 

The name “Advisorly'' is used to represent 1096486 BC Ltd (Advisorly) and its affiliated companies including, but not limited to, “Elements Cremation, Pre-Planning, & Burial '' and “House Calls Health & Wellness''. Advisorly may revise the following privacy regulations without consent, however, you will be given 30 days notice via email regarding the changes. 

Why We Value Your Privacy

Our Privacy Policy balances the privacy rights of you and our employees with the legitimate information requirements to provide customer service and meet our requirements. Privacy allows us to collect, use, and disclosure your personal information for the following purposes:

  • To establish your identification

  • To provide you and/or your immediate family members with the benefit coverage

  • To protect you and us from error and fraud

  • To provide ongoing services

  • To better understand and serve our client demographic 

Collection of Your Information 

We obtain your personal information orally, electronically, or through written communication directly from you or applicable third parties such as your employer. 

Who Can Access Your Information

Employees of Advisorly and its affiliated companies can access your information when needed to provide products and/or services. When applicable, third parties such as your employer will have access to your information. 


When you became a member, your personal information was obtained and used only with your consent. We obtained your consent before we:

  • Provided benefit coverage

  • Acquired, used, or disclosed to other persons, information about you unless we were obliged to do so by law or to protect our interests

  • Used your personal information in any way we did not tell you about previously

Your consent can be either expressed or implied. Express consent can be verbal or written. Consent can be implied or inferred from certain actions.

Withdrawal of Consent

You can withdraw your consent any time after you have given it to us, provided there are no legal or regulatory requirements to prevent this. If you do not consent to certain uses of personal information or withdraw your consent, we will no longer be able to administer your benefit coverage.


Advisorly and its affiliated companies utilizes cookies to collect customer data to enhance our services. Cookies allows us to collect, use, and disclose the following:

  • To obtain information about your location 

  • To obtain information about your frequency of visiting our online platforms 

  • To understand your area(s) of interest and preferences 

You reserve the right to refuse certain cookies, however, this can impact your user experience.

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